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Water Heater Repairs & More in Marion, IN

When your plumbing is rusted, cracked, or leaking, you might be on the verge of a household catastrophe. Before you wake up to a lake in the living room, get plumbing services on the books with our residential plumbing team at Custom Comfort Heating & Cooling (Licensed PC89000280) in Marion, IN. To keep your house in tip-top shape, it pays to work with the best.

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Fixing Your Leaky Pipes

If you hear the slow pitter-patter of a leak under the sink, don’t wait to ask for help. Our plumbing service team can save you thousands of dollars by tackling issues head on and replacing pipes and other components before issues arise. We can even help you replace sinks, toilets, faucets, and other fixtures to keep your home working at peak efficiency.

When the water starts to run cold, you might be dealing with a faulty water heater. At Custom Comfort Heating & Cooling in Marion, IN, we can assist with the installation or replacement of water heaters from A.O. Smith® and other trusted brands. We never want you shivering in the shower, so let us get you a system that will meet the needs of you and your family.

Specializing in Water Heater Installation

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Addressing Minor Problems Before They Become Major Issues

Our plumbing service team focuses on proactive maintenance and repairs. Our team will come to you to conduct routine inspections and maintenance to avoid the need for costly water heater repairs or system replacements. By taking care of concerns as they arise, we can keep the water flowing cleanly and safely to every room in your home.

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To keep your plumbing running smoothly, let our team take care of the hard work for you. When you work with our plumbers at Custom Comfort Heating & Cooling in Marion, IN, your home will always get the attention it deserves. Give us a ring today to schedule an appointment with our residential plumbing service team.

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